Real Estate Rental Properties with Dustin Heiner (Master Passive Income)

Show Notes

Today we are chatting with Dustin Heiner.

Dustin has spent over 8 years mastering the art of real estate rental properties. Today Dustin earns over $100,000 annually from his real estate investments alone.

Dustin is also the man behind the Master Passive Income blog and podcast where he shares his story and helps others create an income stream from real estate.


  • 01:09 – Intro
  • 01:35 – How Dustin Started?
  • 10:28 – Finding a Property to Rent
  • 13:12 – Creating a Rental Property Business
  • 19:44 – Finding a Property Manager
  • 29:04 – Managing Unexpected Expenses
  • 32:06 – Running a Real Estate Business
  • 41:00 – Vacation Rentals
  • 47:46 – What do you wish you knew when you started and a pitfall you had?
  • 51:53 – Dustin’s Life Since Starting Rental Properties
  • 55:05 – Getting Started Today

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