Simplifying Your Finances with Paula Pant

Show Notes

Today I am talking with Paula Pant from Afford Anything. Paula has created a movement rooted in the idea that “you can afford anything, but not everything”.

Open your ears, shut your eyes and buckle up. Paula shares her take on budgeting, saving, and how to automate the entire process. This episode will change your [financial] life.


  • 00:45 – Paula’s bio
  • 01:37 – Paula’s journey
  • 06:00 – The anti-budget and how to use it
  • 11:01 – Paula’s way to save
  • 13:31 – Creating the monthly financial gap
  • 15:01 – What is your favorite travel location?
  • 16:01 – The biggest advice Paula can give to someone starting their journey (and Paula’s take on the snowball vs. avalanche method)
  • 17:51 – Paula’s favorite books
  • 19:12 – How to find and contact Paula

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