Debt Free Including Your House with Steve Stewart ( – REPEAT

Show Notes

Today we are talking with Steve Stewart. Steve has hosted 3 different finance podcasts, but his knowledge comes from first hand experiences. He has paid off over $165,000 in debt including his house. In this episode Steve is sharing what he learned on his Journey so you can implement it as well.


  • 00:23 – Steve Stewart’s Bio
  • 01:21 – Steve’s Financial Freedom Journey
  • 07:12 – Ditching Your Credit Cards
  • 20:45 – How did you stay motivated during your Financial Freedom Journey?
  • 21:43 – How have you involved your daughter in your Journey?
  • 25:38 – What advice do you have for those just starting their Journey?
  • 27:32 – Win a $50 Visa Gift Card

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