Build a Better Life with Andrew Fichter (Shift Upwards)

Show Notes

Today we are hanging out with Andrew Fichter.

Andrew was your typical American stuck working from a cubicle every day. But he wanted more and decided to give it all up for an opportunity to be happier.

Andrew inspires others to change their life at the blog, Shift Upwards.


  • 00:55 – Intro
  • 01:20 – Andrew’s Financial Freedom Journey
  • 07:15 – How Andrew Quit His Job
  • 09:16 – Preparing to Quit
  • 14:21 – Life Since Andrew Quit His Job
  • 21:03 – The Importance of Journaling
  • 25:55 – Self-Discovery
  • 30:45 – Getting Through Tough Times In Life
  • 33:33 – Andrew’s Recommended Books and Blogs
  • 36:00 – Contacting Andrew

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