Affordably Work from Anywhere with Shlomo Freund (Free Financial Self)

Show Notes

Today we are chatting with Shlomo Freund.

Shlomo is an entrepreneur who has spent the last 14 years building wealth so that he can control his own destiny and future.

Today Shlomo is location independent and travels the world on what he calls workations.


  • 00:57 – Intro
  • 01:23 – Shlomo’s Financial Freedom Journey
  • 05:15 – How can you find a job to work remotely?
  • 07:51 – Affordable Travel Hacks
  • 11:25 – The Workation
  • 13:52 – Cost to Work from Anywhere
  • 15:02 – Picking a Working Location
  • 18:22 – How to Start Working Location Independently?
  • 18:56 – Planning Your First Workation
  • 21:05 – “Living Like a Local”
  • 22:44 – Workcation’s With Children
  • 23:50 – Contacting Shlomo

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