Who is Joel Parker?

Dennis (Dad) and Joel Parker
Dennis (Dad) and
Joel Parker

My Childhood

Right after I was born, my parents bought a new car and a new house to accommodate their new bundle of joy. Then, out of nowhere, my dad was laid off from his well paying job. It took several years for my parents to recover from that tremendous financial loss. They were finally getting back on track when my dad was laid off once again.

I saw how hard that loss hit my dad and my entire family. It can be very scary, but my parents are strong and always tried to ensure my sister and I lead a normal life even as they were struggling to make ends meet.

An Eye Opening Experience

My wife and I were finally doing great financially. We had just paid off the last of our credit card debt, $2,000. We had an emergency fund of over $12,000, and we did not have any car payments. All we had were student loans, this was starting to turn into a financial dream.

However, in a matter of just seconds, 70% of our household income vanished. I was laid off from my job. The difference between my dad and I though, he wasn’t prepared. After my dad’s experiences he made sure to teach me how to properly handle finances and to prepare for emergencies.

A Community

An emergency, such as a lay off, can be life altering, scary and can happen to anyone. Which is why I created the Finanical Freedom Community. We will be a place for you to turn to for help or celebration. A place for community to come together and swap best practices and advice. And most importantly to share the wisdom my dad taught me to ensure that you are ready and on a path towards financial freedom.

I hope you enjoy the site and if you ever need anything, shoot me an email at jparker@financialfreedomcommunity.com.

Your financial partner,
Joel Parker